logo_finalRegardless of your fish keeping experience, you will have a great time with the Columbus Killifish Group.  Our meetings are laid-back affairs and our membership ranges from novice aquarists right up to fish keeping gurus.

Come and join us at one of our meetings or other events. Meet up with some fellow hobbyists and have fun talking fish. You will not be disappointed!  All are welcome and you need not be a member to attend a club meeting.

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2021 Columbus Killifish Group (CKG) Schedule

Due to coronavirus, all 2021 meetings and events for the CKG group are cancelled until further notice. We hope to be able to restart meetings in the Fall of this year.

Note: There will be no Membership dues for 2021.

Other 2021 Killifish Events:

Please check websites for updates and requirements due to pandemic.

Dec 31 2021 midnight – Registration for the 2021 AKA Convention opens. Your admittance to fish sale room is based on how quickly you register!

May 8-9 2021:  Killi Karnival – Sponsored by Michiana Aquarium Society, South Bend Indiana. https://mas.fish/society-events/killifish-karnival/

June 11–13 2021 : American Killifish Association Convention – co-sponsored by the St. Louis Area Killifish Association (SLAKA) and the Missouri Aquarium Society (MASI), St. Louis, MO. https://aka.org/!subDomains/annualConv/index.html?rand=123

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