logo_finalRegardless of your fish keeping experience, you will have a great time with the Columbus Killifish Group.  Our meetings are laid-back affairs and our membership ranges from novice aquarists right up to fish keeping gurus.

Come and join us at one of our meetings or other events. Meet up with some fellow hobbyists and have fun talking fish. You will not be disappointed!  All are welcome and you need not be a member to attend a club meeting.

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October 15, 2017 (1-5 pm)

AMF Sawmill Lanes
4825 Sawmill Rd,
Columbus, OH 43235

Attendance is FREE!

This is the event in Mid-Ohio to attend for information of how to breed and care for killifish as well as procure species not readily available.

Anyone interested in learning more about this beautiful group of fish is welcome. Both advanced and new aquarists will find this event informative and interesting.

1:00 pm Vendor sales of killifish and associated aquarium items.
2:00 pm Speaker or round table presentation
3:30 pm Auction.
5:00 pm End of Event (or earlier if auction is completed)

Sales Table – $25
Anyone can purchase a table to sell killifish or related items, such as
plants, invertebrates, spawning media, hardware, food, books etc.
Sellers can sell throughout event.

Purchase your Swap Table using PayPal


Auction – 70% of Proceeds to Seller; 30% to CKG
Anyone is free to participate in the auction. The auction is limited
to killifish and plants. Payments will be mailed to sellers after the


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Our Next Meeting is  September 17 at 2:00 pm

The meeting is being held at Pat’s house.

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