logo_finalRegardless of your fish keeping experience, you will have a great time with the Columbus Killifish Group.  Our meetings are laid-back affairs and our membership ranges from novice aquarists right up to fish keeping gurus.

Come and join us at one of our meetings or other events. Meet up with some fellow hobbyists and have fun talking fish. You will not be disappointed!  All are welcome and you need not be a member to attend a club meeting.

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A big Thank You! to all the folks who who came out and participated at the CKG Extravaganza on October 15.
CKG 2017 Extravaganza Images

Our Next Meeting is Sunday May 20th @ 2:00pm
at Pat Sabourin’s house. 

We will be discussing the 2018 Fall Box Sale and the 2019 AKA Convention in Columbus OH. We will have a small auction (Killifish, plants, snails and tank decor) if anyone wants to bring something. 70//30 split to seller.. Pat will give an update tour of fish room, time permitting,

We may also arrange for Transportation and/or Room pooling for AKA Convention in Detroit which is the following weekend.

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